The Results Are In: Critics’ Choice Movie Awards


Everyone in Hollywood got a chance to dress up on January 10 this Season for the 2013 Critics’ Choice Movie Awards at the Barker Hangar in Santa Monica. These awards usually are spoken of in hushed tones as a kind of portent of the way the Oscars are likely to play in February. This evening held a few surprises for everyone, with a range of Oscar favorites losing shadowy horse nominees. It’s reasonable to say today that the night time awards have blown open the field and brought out some of those old Hollywood magical once again.

It’s nice to find critics showing their admiration of oscars recent history, however you can not help feeling that the film-while truly nicely made-somehow missed its mark. “Argo” makes an effort in playing as epic catastrophe, complete with dramatic monologues and a lugubrious score. This is truly too bad, because the real-life raid on which the movie was based, code called Operation Eagle Claw, was so badly planned and executed that it might almost have been as a dark comedy filled with collapsing scene. No additional approach will quite do cinematic justice into the supersecret mission that Charlie Beckwith, the raid’s own commander, gave a “less than 1 percent” chance of succeeding before it got off the ground. Besides unintentionally being in the wrong genre, “Argo” is implemented well and largely brings what the audience is paying to see in what amounts to a war movie.

Spoiler alert: he is dead today.

In a success for method actors around the world, their own patron saint Daniel day lewis collected a trophy for Best Actor in the title role of “Lincoln.” It’s stated that throughout production of “My Left Foot,” day lewis was so profound in personality that between takes an associate of this team had to shove him around in a wheelbarrow. There isn’t any word on what he didn’t prepare for his currently award winning role since Abraham Lincoln, but it’s great to see things have worked out better for day lewis than they did for Honest Abe.

Hoffman’s win came as a surprise, even as most watchers were calling a victory for Alan Arkin for his supporting role in “Argo.” It needs to be said that Hoffman also beat Tommy Lee Jones and Robert DeNiro in the Supporting Actor category. Wholly inappropriate jokes concerning violent revenge by the runners-up are implied but not invited. Anne Hathaway earned her award to get hungry herself and playing with a prostitute using syphilis at “Les Misérables” and celebrated by arriving to the award ceremony wearing a dress guaranteed not to burn up on reentry.

In accordance with critics, Ben Affleck has been the year’s Best Director for “Argo.” Usually the manager of the greatest Picture is recognized as a shooin for Best Director, but in 2013, Affleck was facing stiff competition in his fellow nominees. It certainly can’t be simple to walk away successful once your set of competitions contains Ang Lee, Steven Spielberg, along with Kathryn Bigelow, but Affleck won this season by managing to maintain charge of the darkened mood and deliberate pacing of “Argo” to turn into a generally well-crafted film. Look for more endeavors with Ben Affleck’s name attached as director, as he just appears to be hitting his stride and may have 10 years or even longer of creative job ahead of him.

With this year’s Critics’ Choice Movie Awards, the entire world has gotten its sneak peek at the Oscars. The other high movies, “Les Misérables” and “Lincoln,” may also be essentially about wars and the people who fought them. Whether that signals a coarsening of crowd sensibilities or some certain frame-shift in the civilization of the movie market is challenging to express. It’s definitely possible that warfare movies just make more money and are easier to picture. Jessica Chastain and also Daniel day lewis had a very good nighttime, although it’s reasonable to say Ben Affleck had an excellent one.

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