Which Way Around? Get Certified First, Then Job – Or?


How and when to get certified is an ongoing debate in forums. There are those that agree you should first get a job and the certification later, and those that believe that you should first get certified and then better your job getting chances by having that certification.

I believe it’s a matter of ‘which certifications are we talking about?’

I will agree with the second lot that before going for an entry level job you should first have your certification. Because you don’t have the experience, what are you showing the employer? how will you have that edge in the interview?

Entry certifications give you a foundation to work on – an employer will most probably not let you work on something if you didn’t know anything about it. It stands to reason doesn’t it?

And I will agree with the first lot about first getting a job and then getting certified if we are talking about the higher level certs.

It’s all about logic 500-651.

Being an MCSE or CCNP for example and going for a desk job doesn’t work to your advantage. Here is why:

First you are overqualified for an entry job because you have a higher level certification and under qualified for a higher paying job because you don’t have the experience. So in this case getting your MCSE or CCNP with no prior experience will not help your job prospects – in fact, they can be quite damaging to you.

If you are a newbie, start where all of us start. At the bottom. Start with the entry certs like A+, Network+, CCNA. Get yourself a job and then through your work get the experience and start studying for more certifications – the higher certifications that will land you a better paying job as you will also have gained some experience.

Plus the fact that you are making employers greedy!

Have you come across job listings which required you to have all this knowledge and that knowledge, for just a first level entry job? I get a good laugh out of those. I mean employers can ask, doesn’t mean they will receive. So don’t help to make them greedy!

But this is where I will make a side note 300-080 

I don’t have a problem studying and passing exams that I don’t yet have the experience for. Actually I quite love to do so because I want to learn new things. And I love having that certification on my wall – a reward to myself for my hard work. I just keep that information to myself. You do not have to include all your certifications in your resume. And no one should tell you “don’t do this certification”. If you are the type of person who loves to study for themselves, allow your certifications to appear in your resume as you see fit. But be also aware that some certifications expire.

Your career is your own. You should be the one to decide how to approach it. Just bear in mind these points we discussed and be smart about it, ok?. To your success!!

By Georgina Stath: I am certified and still getting more under my belt. I’ve dedicated my website to giving you all the information that has helped me.

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