2013 NFL Week 17 Review – The All Time Greatest Quarterbacks, Wide Receivers and Running Backs


watch nfl online free – All eyes this week have been focussed on the Denver Broncos seeing to determine whether Peyton Manning would really break Drew Brees’ Single Season Passing Yards Record and to observe just how many touchdowns he’d finally throw at the year after breaking Tom Brady’s Single Season Passing Touchdown Record at Week 16. A win was crucial for Denver so as to procure the #1 place from the AFC and home field advantage during the Playoffs understanding a Denver reduction and also a Patriots win could put Tom Brady from the driver’s seat. Otherwise for that situation, Coach John Fox could have sat Manning sat at the last match of this year. Everybody understood that Manning would play a half match and perhaps more if the score was shut. When it began, it had been clear that the hapless Raiders had no possibility of winning that made the clock appear to tick all that much quicker as we saw to determine if history could be made.

Going to the match, Manning had 265 passing yards to get the most passing yards in a year and having already busted Tom Brady’s record for touchdowns in a season in Week 16, it had been only going to become a last accounting to observe where the new album would end up. About half way through the First Quarter, Manning connected with Eric Decker for a touchdown from 3 yards out to put the first points on the board providing Manning his 52nd passing touchdown of the year. Two minutes later, Manning threw a 7 yard pass to Knowshon Moreno for his 53rd touchdown and giving the Broncos a 14-0 lead. Together with the Broncos up from 14, everyone wondered just how long John Fox would allow his celebrity player play at the match as he was short of the record for passing yards and the Broncos were only two points from posting the maximum team total for points at the history of the NFL. At the Second Quarter, Matt Prater kicked a 34 yard field goal and the Broncos were up 17-0. Seven minutes after Manning threw a pass to Demaryius Thomas and he scored from 63 yards outside and the album was in sight but the clock was ticking as the Broncos led 24-0. On which looked like the last drive of the half, Manning marched the ball down the field and linked to Thomas for a touchdown out of 5 yards out with 13 minutes left in sunlight. That grab place Peyton Manning within the single season passing mark by 1 lawn and gave him his own 55th passing touchdown of the year and gave the Broncos a 31-0 lead. As anticipated, Manning and several different starters didn’t play in the second half and also at the Fourth Quarter, Prater kicked another field goal from 54 yards and the Broncos led 34-0. The Raiders managed to set up 14 points using a 14 yard touchdown pass to Rod Streater along with also a 9 yard pass to Nick Kasa and could up dropping 34-14.

Peyton Manning was the man of the hour and the whole year and he had been the very first Quarterback to throw for at least 5,000 yards and over 50 touchdowns and that he did it using just 11 interceptions all year. The Broncos Offensive Line allowed the fewest sacks in the NFL and they had 8 launching drive touchdowns. Manning was voted into his 13th Pro Bowl that is the most for any Quarterback. In the long run, Manning threw for 5,477 metres (defeat Drew Brees’ album by 1 yard) along with his 4 touchdown passes in Week 17 place the official passing touchdown record at 55 and he scored 1 rushing touchdown when he raced in to a naked bootleg before in this season. Additionally, the Denver Broncos will be the first team to score greater than 600 points in 1 season. His weapons were all around the area and the Broncos had 5 players with over 10 touchdowns each containing Demaryius Thomas (14 TDs and 1,430 Yards), Eric Decker (11 TDs and 1,288 Yards), Wes Welker (10 TDs and also 778 Yards), Julius Thomas (12 TDs and also 788 Yards) and also Knowshon Moreno (13 TDs (10 Rushing + 3 Receiving) and conducted for 1,038 yards and caught passes for 548 yards this year). With the triumph, the Denver Broncos ensured the #1 Seed and home field advantage throughout the game completing their year 13-3 for the next year in a row. Manning as a Bronco includes a regular season record of 26-6 within both years he’s played in Denver. Peyton Manning has been named the Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year and he’s the front runner to his NFL MVP Award and deserves the MVP award for his drama which will be his 5th NFL MVP Award, plus a record. Now, Manning is now #2 on the Career Passing Yards listing behind future Hall of Fame Quarterback Brett Favre and requires 6,874 yards to tie the album and can also be #2 on the Career Passing Touchdown listing behind Brett Favre and requires 17 touchdowns to tie the all time record. Football lovers witnessed greatness this year and most likely the best Quarterback to play the sport.

It’s not easy to trust the 2013 NFL Football season had drawn to a close along with the playoff programs are put together with the Wildcard Playoffs beginning a week while the Division Champions becoming off the week waiting to find out that they will play at the Playoffs. It was a fun season with many ups and downs. Last years Super Bowl Champions got pumped out of the Playoffs with a reduction to the Cincinnati Bengals and will probably be made to watch the remainder of the year from home.