Tea Of the World


Tea could be the worlds most consumed beverage. It was devised almost 5000 years ago by the then Chinese emperor Shen Nung quite accidentally, during his temporary stop in a jungle. After that the beverage grew in popularity in China. The Chinese were pioneer to make this particular beverage. Later after the East India Company had the monopoly from tea trading, they attracted to some other states where British colonies had been installed. After the organization lost its origin, the countries started their very own trade and gradually tea trading became a profitable organization.green tea powder,

Tea is grown in several countries of the globe.


India is the biggest producer of tea in the world. It had been the East India Company which introduced tea to India if India was clearly one of its colonies. Today, the Indians have the maximum amount of tea. They contribute to almost 1 / 2 of the total production of tea in the entire world (as of accounts in 2006). Black tea may be your mostly rose tea in India. India is the second biggest exporter of tea, second only to China. It has the highest export of tea in the world.


China is the pioneer in Java production. They really are the individuals who devised this miracle beverage and for years and years, tea is the most popular beverage there. China gets the greatest international market of tea on the planet. China grows four types of tea especially, green tea, black tea, oolong tea and blossom tea. Green tea would be the healthiest of all teas.

It’s medicinal properties unmatched by another tea. It can help to manage diabetes, heart-attack, prevent cancer, which helps to build strong bones and gums and also reduce body fat. Oolong tea is yet another type of tea manufactured in this nation. Oolong tea lies somewhere at the centre between green and black tea, a unique balance between green tea’s delicacy and dark tea depth.

Sri Lanka

The subsequent country in the Indian sub continent, towards the south east of India, that produces tea will be Sri Lanka. Today Sri Lanka is the next biggest producer of tea in the world. They produce the blank teas very much like the ones manufactured in India using a flowery odor and taste. The dark tea produced here will be also referred to as Ceylon tea.

Some other black teas have been pekoe, orange pekoe and divided orange pekoe. Initially Sri Lanka produced large amounts of coffee which was its primary beverage. However, a coffee rust ruined and affected the coffee crops at the midst of the nineteenth century. Thomas Lipton has been the leader in tea production and tea export in this country exporting large quantities to Britain. A renowned tea company was named after him.


Japan is a enthusiastic tea-drinking nation producing huge amounts of green tea extract that have different tastes. Some of the famed Japanese green teas are sencha, matcha and bancha. These teas have been renowned for their wide varieties in taste, taste and colour.


This nation is a substantial exporter of tea also creates mainly peppermint tea and pouching teasthat have a fruity and flowery taste.

Along with such as, tea is produced in countries like Brazil, Bangladesh, Kenya, Argentina, and a number of other African nations. Besides these teas generated from brewed and leaves henceforth, many other types of teas that were searchable are being sold commercially. With the fast lifestyle catching up with people, individuals are relying more and more on easily accessible items. As a result, brewed tea, herbal tea and tea tea are remarkably common. Nations such as USA and several European countries export these forms of tea. It’s a commercial growth influenced by tea.