Making the Move to a Greener Tomorrow


Boomers are on the move. In their pursuit for a much more comfortable retirement, they have been interested in finding economical ways to build homes and cut expenses when they have moved in. The majority are turning to energy efficient, “green” homes.

With the problem of global warming at the forefront of daily news reports, people have grown to be alert to these ramifications the people is having on Earth. Bestinau Consequently, more people are finding creative methods to build energy-efficient homes. Some methods–Passive Solar, Strawbale, Earthbag, and Berm–are getting to be more well-known, and materials used are plentiful and not very costly. Bob Vila, host of Bob Vila’s Home Again Tv show, sums it up this way:

“The emphasis is on invention, especially in regards to energy markets and environmentally conscious construction design. The objective is to attract site, climate, the setting, relaxation, and design together in one cheap undertaking.”

These forms of homes may nevertheless be a little pricier than conventional wood-stud domiciles, but according to this Federal Citizen Information Center (FCIC), such things as window positioning, kind of windows used, and sealing all air leaks (producing a 50% reduction in utility costs), will help tremendously in estimating the benefits of an energy efficient home. And your house type may even make a difference in financial economies.

Building a new home can be exciting and nerve-racking, all at the same time. However, if the right steps are accepted in progress, the yield on investment will soon be evident.