Marijuana Drug Slang Every Parent Should Know


Like a parent, perhaps one of the most difficult aspects of raising a teenager is always to help your child fight the urge use drugs and alcohol. Educating yourself concerning the medication slang of marijuana, one of the most widely abused illicit substance, can be a vital step in determining if your adolescent is smoking the medication and begin dwelling drug-testing to stop the problem before it grows into a habit. Each new generation of young individuals grow new slang terms for the great number of drugs they have access to and it’s necessary to keep on the top of their ever changing terminology.

Pot itself is understood by many distinct names depending upon the area of the nation, potency of the marijuana, color as well as also other subtle differences in the plant that acts a secret code to identify what a user is buying or offering. The slang terms include “pot,” “marijuana,” “herb,” “bud,” “chronic,” “ganja,” “hash,” “trees,” and also “dank.” A bag of marijuana is popularly known as a “bag” or “bag” and can often times be clarified and called upon based upon the weight of the marijuana like “quad” or even “eighth” (this means a quarter of an ounce and also an eighth, respectively). The utensils and tools used to smoke marijuana have their own abundance of slang terms including “bong,” “pipe,” “piece,” “blunt,” and “joint” Learning the numerous definitions and meanings of this slang terms for marijuana can enable you as a parent to take care of actions to be able to stop marijuana usage on the house mail order weed.

The common slang terms of weed and pot are interchangeable when referring to some other marijuana in overall however certain coded vernacular refers specifically to the effectiveness of the medication. The term “chronic” is understood through the entire drug circles since the word for the strongest, strongest strains of bud. Grown inside or hydroponically, “chronic” maximizes THC content producing superb potent pot. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the keyword phrase “schwag” or “brick” is normally utilized to describe cheap, very low excellent marijuana which is usually increased outdoors in majority fields under poor conditions. The

“brick” identifies the packaging and pressing procedure utilized by many drug cartels to smash together and shape bricks of this marijuana. Knowing the subtle differences between those marijuana medication slang terms might help you as a parent develop a stronger comprehension which sort of bud and the length of it your son or daughter might be using.

A teenager that has been having and eventually abusing marijuana will necessarily begin tinkering with the abundance of diverse tools which may be applied to smoke the medication and understanding the different slang terms might help you decide how your son or daughter is eating the marijuana. The most widely used thing to smoke bud is a simple alloy or glass tube through which the substance is smoked through and inhaled. General slang for plumbing include “bubbler,” “piece,” “hammer,” “one hitter,” and “tools” More advanced or adventuresome smokers use a water pipe, universally referred to as a “bong.” Simple hand wrapped marijuana cigarettes are called “joints” (frequently rolled using a common cigarette paper referred to as “zigzags”) whereas a marijuana cigar is popularly referred to as a “blunt” and is often filled with super potent “chronic.”

Dealing and Distribution Slang

Regrettably, marijuana abuse can cause lots of teenagers to sell the drug in order to support their addiction. There are essential slang terms solely related to coping and dispersing the pot. In order to weigh and divide the bud, a person needs a scale. The three most widely used scales are called “hand scales” for its ease and simplicity of usage when in someone’s hand, a “digi” as it is an electronic digital scale, and a “tri-beam” which pertains to some triple beam balance (feel such as a high school chemistry collection). The price and luggage sizes of marijuana are based upon the burden, so pay careful attention for slang terms like “eighth,” “zip (oz)” or “QP” (quarter pound).

By combining your understanding of those slang terms for marijuana, the various tools used to smoke the medication, the terms found in its supply, and simple household drug testing kits you can be assured as being a parent that you’re doing whatever possible to keep your family drug free.

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