iMovie to YouTube – How to Upload an iMovie to YouTube?


Just finished an iMovie job in your Mac but do not understand how to upload it into YouTube? To begin with, you should be cautious about what types of video formats which YouTube accepts. After exporting iMovie video, then we can not judge that video format due to it doesn’t possess an extension.

If your iMovie video type is accpeted from YouTube, just goto the file menu, click ‘Share’, select ‘Export Movie’. Then define the output name and save finally tick the video type and video dimensions

Situation B: Upload iMovie into YouTube after conversion

If you don’t think your present video file format is recognized by YouTube, you can get the ideal uploading results by converting your document to MOV, FLV, or even MPEG4. Video Converter for Mac will be your ideal selection for conversion.

Step 1: Download Mac Video Converter – Launch the Mac Video Converter on your Mac after installation.You will see the intuitive interface as below picture.

Step 2: Load iMovie video file – Click ‘Add File’ icon, then locate your iMovie files and import them in the program.

Measure 3: Choose aim video format – Select the output video format from Profile dropdown list, in order to find wanted video key from Common video collection. Then define the destination.

The last procedure is press on ‘Convert’ icon to begin the iMovie into YouTube video. Once the conversion completes, just upload the converted iMovie to YouTube.

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