How to Spy on Your AdWords Management Company – You May Get a Shock!


Big Brother is alive and well and alive (nowhere near Elvis) in AdWords property, but many advertisers who employ ad-words managers do not seem to understand it. I will disclose just how simple it is for advertisers to assess that ‘Arnold that the ad-words manager’ is actually worth those 20 hours a month he has been charging.

Now, do not get me wrong. There are some very reputable and Adwords PPC Services professional ad words and pay-per-click management businesses out there there, endlessly toiling away for the majority of their happy clients that are experiencing the promised property of super-conversions whilst procuring small islands in the Caribbean.

However, I’ve seen the job (or lack of) of too many charlatans in the PPC direction space to learn that all is not as it can seem. Indeed, my little ‘secret’ could be not just revealing but SHOCKING.

Therefore, I will reveal the trick (to most) that the less-than-scrupulous don’t want you to be aware of. Actually, after revealing this, I might need to get into hiding so that these folks don’t hunt me down and make an effort to eat my mind.

It is super simple (but generally overlooked):

Inch. Log in to your AdWords accounts

2. Click ‘Reporting’


Voila! Now you can spy what changes have been made on your own account and even by activity!

H AS, the ‘continuous optimization’ been steady? Has the ‘ongoing split-testing’ seen any testing? Gets the ‘keyword bid manipulation’ already been manipulated? Now you know, and also you can manage your manager’s direction such as a fighter in a manger.

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