5 Steps to Hiring a Brain Injury Attorney


One of the main decisions a traumatic brain injury survivor must make after an injury is deciding on the best attorney. Choosing the best attorney for the case can be an overwhelming task, particularly for somebody with a brain injury.

Selecting an attorney shouldn’t be Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyer dismissed in Wisconsin, as regulations makes it extremely tricky to fire your personal injury attorney and find a new attorney to take over your case. The following 5 easy steps will help you find the ideal Brain Injury Attorney for the case.


Start by identifying your particular accident. In the event that you were hurt in a car accident, you then want a lawyer handling automobile injury claims. If, on the flip side, you’re hurt in a semi-truck crash, then you want an attorney who has successfully handled tractor-trailer injuries previously. The Internet is a superb resource to gather general information about your particular accident and finding an attorney with experience handling such a situation.


It’s also wise to conduct research on your specific type of injury and symptoms.

3. Search for Names of Possible Attorneys

Once you’ve identified what type of case and also the particular injury you have, and have completed some preliminary online research, you can start looking for lawyers that have experience in accident cases that cause injuries to the mind. Again you need to turn to the net. Even the Yellow Pages are also of benefit, though, since there’s just a limited amount of information that may fit on one page it’s typically an inadequate resource. Television is much less helpful, because of the time limit on the ads and also the insistence of a injury attorneys to conduct generic catch all advertisements promising a huge settlement on all sorts of case and injuries. Search the web for legal counsel with experience handling your special type of injury as well as your distinct sort of injury, as well as your own symptoms.

Once you’ve got your list of possible attorneys, you ought to read their particular internet sites closely. Check out the organizations to which they belong. They should be long to associations that advocate for sufferers that have survived traumatic brain injuries. Additionally, start looking for past settlements and jury verdicts concerning traumatic brain injury.

4. Call and Ask Written Material From the Attorney

It is crucial that you choose the ideal attorney from the start. It is possible to just telephone the very first attorney you see on TV and set an appointment up. But that is not recommended since it is hard for you to decide if this lawyer is truly knowledgeable about traumatic brain injury based simply up on a TV advertisement. As an alternative, call and have the potential attorney to send you information this attorney uses to build up and record his customer’s traumatic brain injury indicators. If you request written material before meeting the lawyer, then you cannot be pressured into signing something that you may later regret. You are going to be able to see the attorney’s educational stuff and choose your own time whether this attorney is right for your case.

If you do telephone a lawyer for written substances and as opposed to politely sending you a few free educational information, they try to put you into their office or offer to send someone out to your residence or hospital room, then agreeing. Brain injury victims are generally quite vulnerable following an injury and so they shouldn’t feel pressured into signing anything, including an attorney’s fee agreement.

If the attorney or law firm does not provide informative, written stuff, or whenever they are forcing you to come in and sign up a retainer, chances are they may not be reputable.

Keep in mind that the integrity rules prevent lawyers from directly contacting you personally, by telephone, or by email, unless you contact them first.

5. Schedule an Inperson Appointment together with the Attorney and Get Questions

Once you have done the necessary background research, it’s time to prepare a facetoface meeting with the attorney. In the event the lawyer is competent and experienced with traumatic brain injury, then he/she will likely appreciate your persistence and answer your question far more directly.

Are you going to be the sole handling my case from start to finish? (when the answer is “no,” immediately request to match with the attorney which can be handling your case from start to end).

What’s the method of handling my own case? What steps will you proceed through?

When will my case be prepared to become resolved? (If the attorney promises a quick settlement, they might be letting you know exactly what they think you want to hear instead of compared to true truth).

Just how many active cases are you personally handling at the present time?

Have you ever revealed people who have traumatic brain injuries before? Which were a few of the consequences?

How do you have most of your mind injury cases? (Referrals from attorneys, other professionals and former customers is the ideal answer).

Have you ever attended or presented at any braininjury conferences or seminars?

Do you belong to some trial lawyer brain injury organizations?

Have you been a member of some federal brain injury relationships?

Have you been a part of one’s state’s Brain Injury Association?

What can be your AVVO rank? (A rank of 9+ is excellent).

Lawyers that devote the vast majority of their training to the representation of traumatic brain injury survivors will not be learning on the job throughout your case. They will not have to learn new medicine for the case.

Alternatively, you are able to be familiar with an attorney experienced in the representation of brain injury sufferers knowing they have worked with some of the greatest experts in the fields of medicine to get brain injuries and an experienced brain injury attorney will not be intimidated when up against brain injury medical experts that have been retained with the insurance companies to say that you didn’t sustain an life-changing injury. Consequently, experienced traumatic brain injury lawyers usually are in a much improved position to obtain the right amount of damages to their customers with traumatic brain injuries since they’ve a better idea as to the total amount a jury could award for this specific kind of accident.

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